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If you haven’t already heard, Bitcoin is set to revolutionize e-commerce as we know it. Many people haven’t heard of Bitcoin yet and those who have are often still confused by the concept. However, It’s quite simple, Bitcoin is the first deregulated alternative to using cash money. Paper money will always be our number tender as the government accepts and will continue to only accept their tender. But for everything else, there’s Bitcoin. If you aren’t paying your taxes or renewing your automobile license than you will soon be able to pay in Bitcoin.

In the most basic terms, Bitcoin is internet money. You can earn it, spend it, lend it, borrow it and invest it. But do not be confused, you can also use your Bitcoin in physical retail stores too. Some stores have already started accepting Bitcoin at their cash registers. Pretty soon everyone will have a Bitcoin wallet and will be purchasing items on the internet and in stores using their Bitcoin accounts. Don’t be surprised if you start to see Bitcoin credit cards on the market soon.

This new currency allows for endless possibilities because it’s not government issued currency. Bitcoins are very volatile and fluctuate like other currencies. It has been promoted as a digital currency that will eliminate typical bank transfer fees and provide a more secure platform for purchasing goods online. The other great feature is that Bitcoins aren’t taxed.

Soon we’ll be offering payday loans in Bitcoins. So get familiar, learn about the advantages of Bitcoin so that when the storm hits, you are well prepared. When looking for an online Bitcoin loan remember that Loan Me It Financial is Canada’s fastest online payday lender.

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